Happy New Year!!!


Hey Everyone!

It’s been a whole year since Bad Story Blog entered the world! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Since Bad Story Blog is about experimenting with the “what if…” we thought it would be fun if we came up with the Canadian Zodiac. It’s kind of like the Chinese Zodiac, but not really…

Presenting…. the very first character in our crazy cycle — the Bear.


The Bear

(2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964…)

Happy Year of the Bear, Everyone!

While bears make very bad people, they make fantastic sports fans.

All bears love hockey. Unfortunately, bears have notoriously bad memories, so they often forget which team they are supporting.

Bears love all things sweet.

Their favourite food is pancakes smothered in Aunt Jemima’s syrup. Bears love Aunt Jemima and not just for her cooking…

Everyone knows that Bears and sharks are enemies. They can’t stand each other. It could be because they are both such strong predators in their respective elements.

BSB advice for all Bears this year is: Stay away from Sharks, they are bad news… bears.

The Must Read Cat List


As a cat person and a book lover I was very excited about finding this collection of kitty classics at http://www.comediva.com/kitty-lit-101. Having read most of these books, I have to say, some of them would probably benefit from a cat or two. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have.

A seven volume novel about dreams and memory. This cat-tastic tale is told by a young cat who recounts his experiences growing up, falling in love and learning about all cat-like things.

A passionate and philosophical tale that enters into the debate about God, free will and morality. A very fitting meditation for an ethical cat. Also, don’t forget about frisky kitty love triangles, complicated kitty father-son relationships and, just to add to the awesomeness, steamy kitty orgies.

A tail of love and loss where unlikely lovers stand up to family feuds and specieist traditions to prove to the world that love can be found in variety of places – even in the faces of your enemies.

Just for the record, I think this is a very depressing picture. However, how can you expect to not go blind when you kill your father and marry your mother – poor Oedipuss…

A tail of betrayal and revenge. Things were going too good for Catmond Dantes – he had the good job, some money and even the love of a girl who was to be his bride. However, his jealous cousin spoils it all for poor Catmond when he wrongfully accuses him of treason. After many years in the cold cell, Catmond escapes and with the help of some pirates takes revenge on his spiteful cousin and those who were involved in his plot.

“A stark view on one cat’s journey to the vet to be neutered, as narrated from the viewpoints of the other family members in the station wagon.  The famously short chapter, with only the sentence, “My mother is a fish,” symbolizes the cat’s fleeting sense of self as linked to its sexuality, as well as its hunger for Fancy Feast, which it was denied due to mandatory twelve hour preoperative fasting.” Well said, Comediva… well said. (http://www.comediva.com/kitty-lit-101)

Dickens draws a stark comparison between the lives of alley cats and aristocats (no, not from Disney). Moving between Paris and London, this tail narrates the plight of peasantry against the background of feline famine in the leading years to the French Revolution.

The historical context is very important to this work of great Cat literature. Set in the 1920, this novel is showcases the soaring economy and the prohibition of catnip.

Enjoy these great Cat Classics!

Shut-in Princess


This story speaks to us. A cautionary tale of what can happen if your whole world revolves around the Internet…

Written by Numi-kun; the original can be found on her tumbler:  http://namface.tumblr.com/post/10723163211/s-so-rushed-but-done-now-to-fake-a-100pg-folio-of




Colouring Fun


Thinking ‘outside of the lines’ could be a lot of fun!


Bio Optical Organiced Knowledge Device

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There is this wonderful “gadget” that is already in the stores near you. It is called a Bio Optical Organiced Knowledge device (or BOOK). It is a reading experience like no other. I think you should give it a try. Truly innovative!

Cuteness Over Brawns

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Water Closet Monsters

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P.S. Something along these lines actually did happen to one of our BSB co-creators. Sometimes even the washrooms are not safe…

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